Holding on to

my memories




Is it really about cameras? Or is it that you want to hold on to, and share, your own special memories?

When the innovator looks at the world through the eyes of the customer, the Outside-In perspective, s/he sees where demand falls short of desires, which is the very nature of opportunity.  QuarterInchHoles is all about showing you how to discover and act upon opportunities from the Outside-In.


Being cared for



As a patient, are you seeking a nurse or are you seeking good care?

This is another example of the "outside-in" perspective, where the customer (the patient) is really not looking for the product (the nurse) but rather to fulfill fundamental desires (have good care, feel safe, etc). It is critical for your business to get a grip on this alarming fact -  they don't want your product/servicethey want something more basic; in the meaning used here, they seek Goals.


Preparing for a career


College Degrees

In college, was it about the degree or was it about an education that would prepare you for life?

The pursuit of a degree and career may not be the student's underlying Goal.  It has been said that a career is a job you have had too long - so the real Goal is likely to be something more like "build the basis for a high quality life".  Drilling down to the core issue is a fundamental skill in the pursuit of the demand landscape.


Starting healthy



Sometimes you want granola and yogurt, sometimes it's bacon and eggs.

Our goals are consistent even though it may not seem so at the surface.  The example conflict of bacon.vs.yogurt shows that there is more involved than meets the eye.  This is why a demand landscape must be built from a vantage point that allows for a comprehensive view of the customer, but not so far out that you "boil the ocean".



Preparing for my future




A financial example of the Outside-In.  Are you really shopping for investments or is it about your whole future?                        It's certainly about my future.  Time is money, but is not my friend.  Many investment firms have this figured out but only w.r.t. coaching on investments to buy (from them). What if they looked at becoming life-coaches? What if they merged in long-range healthcare services?        What if .... ?


How can you deliver products that your customers crave

but have never even dreamt of?


How can you innovate if, like Henry Ford quipped,

all they ask for is "faster horses"?

How can you have a real value proposition

if you don't understand what your customers really value?

If these are the questions which keep you up at night, QuarterInchHoles can provide you with the answers that will lead you to new opporutnities and growth built on what your customers want but cannot ask for.



New growth is only possible by delivering new value to new customers. And the meaning of 'new value' can be quite difficult to find. As Henry Ford said, if he had asked his customers what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses.

QuarterInchHoles specializes in resolving this dilemma of disruptive innovation. We use three stages of work to do so.

In Stage 1, starting with a framing question for your objectives and customer space, we apply anthropologic tools to capture and analyze the value and activity ecosystems of your customers and non-customers.

In Stage 2 we then use that knowledge to formulate platforms of opportunity for new growth. Those opportunities may be new products, or better brand positioning, or new market communication campaigns, or technology platforms, or ... .

In Stage 3, with business model canvas methods, we build playbooks for action, since business is done when orders are taken.

These stages take between 3 and 6 months to complete. Whether you are seeking disruptive or incremental innovation, the work is the same: know your customer, discover opportunity, build the business. Easy to say, hard to do.

The stages are easier to outline than to successfully accomplish, so contact us when you want to find and act on that next great business opportunity.    

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